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The Garden of Ideas is located

in Ridgefield, Connecticut, approximately one hour

north of New York City.






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 The Man from the Advertising Department

There's more to see

In the next field.

Not much here

But grass and daisies

And a gulley that lazes

Its way to the weir --

Oh there's much more to see

In the next field.

There are better folk

In the next street.

Nobody here

But much-of-a-muchness people:

The butcher, the blacksmith,

The auctioneer,

The man who mends the weathercock

When the lightning strikes the steeple --

But they're altogether a better class

In the next street.

There'll be more to do

In the next world.

Nothing here

But breathing fresh air,

Loving, shoving, moving around a bit,

Counting birthdays, forgetting them, giving

Your own little push to the spin of the earth;

It all amounts to

No more than living --

But by all accounts

There'll be more to do

And more to see

And VIP neighbours

In the next world.

Norman Nicholson

A Garden Sanctuary in Ridgefield, CT.

The Garden of Ideas is an analog antidote to a demented digital world.

The real world is better than the virtual one.   Unplug and come visit!!!!

The Garden is lovely even in winter!

Have a birthday, host a cocktail party, stage a farm to table dinner!!!! Contact us!